Ci ~ Maria

18" x 24"
Acrylic on Wood

© Rossana Reis, 2014

For background information about Ci or Cy (Tupian Goddess), please visit article by Mirella Faura in English (mid paragraphs) and in Brazilian Portuguese here (médios parágrafos).

[image description: This painting consists of two halves: the left representing Ci (Tupian Goddess) and the right representing Maria (Virgin Mary, Madonna). Half of Ci’s face and bare shoulder appears on the left. She has long black hair highlighted by blue reflections. Her skin tone has a warm, radiant, and glowing medium brown hue. The iris of her slightly bent almond-shaped eye is a dark brown. Her chest is surrealistically decorated by a cashew fruit with green leaves. She is surrounded by flora and fauna—a scarlet macaw is perched on her shoulder and a blue butterfly is fluttering about on upper left corner. Half of Maria’s face and shoulder is on the right. She has long wavy reddish brown hair. Her skin tone has a light brownish hue. The iris of her slightly bent almond-shaped eye is a caramel color. The nose of both Ci and Maria appears to be merged by their slightly long and slightly broad shape. Also, their lips also appears to be merged by their full wide shape and raspberry hues. Maria is clothed in a red garment, blue robe and ivory shawl. Maria’s chest appears to also be surrealistically decorated with a rose with emerging flames. A Tupian angel with rainbow colored wings blows stars forming a halo around Maria as a blue butterfly is also fluttering about around her shoulder.]