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Full view, more light shining. This mosaic piece is divided into two halves almost merging together by the harmony of symbols and vibrantly colorful tessarae. Half of Tonantzin's face and bare shoulder is on the left with skin tone represented by red tesserae and skin shadows represented by purple tesserae. The iris of her wide, almond-shaped eye is purplish against greenish schlera. The snakes extending from her head come alive with a medley of purple, teal and green tesserae. Her neck and chest is adorned with a turquoise necklace from which half a skull surrounded by two green leaves hangs; she is also adorned with an an orange sun earring with bluish-purplish rays. She is wading in the ocean and the mountains appear smaller in the background. Half of Guadalupe's face and shoulders is on the right; her warm skin is represented by a medley of tierra cotta, salmon, and peach tesserae. Her pupil is blackish and the iris of her wide, almond-shaped eye is bluish against her whitish schlera. The full lips of both Tonantzin and Guadalupe appear to merge with bluish/teal tesserae. Their noses also merge with the same long and broad shape. She is wearing a flowing blue shawl dotted with white stars; underneath this shawl, she is wearing a yellow shawl with hints of light greenish polka dots. Her garment underneath is orange. Guadalupe is adorned with a pearl necklace from which half of a crimson rose hangs with two bones in place of leaves; she is also adorned with a whitish crescent shaped earring representing the moon. The maguey plants appear smaller in the background. For more info. on the meaning behind this piece, please read “A Short History of Tonantzin & Guadalupe: A Bridge of Light Between Cultures” by Grace Sesma here!A-Short-History-of-Tonantzin-Our-Lady-of-Guadalupe-A-bridge-of-Light-Between-Cultures/c1htb/5FD6D0A0-B221-48B5-A6E1-8484749B7F1D.