[image] Full view from back of a nude brown femme person sitting in a purple lotus flower while floating in the shimmery blue ocean and looking ahead at the sun kissed horizon; a multicolored hummingbird is drinking from the purple lotus flower adorned at the left side of their* thick, wavy and loosely curly dark hair; their upper right arm is adorned with gold swirled arm bracelet and ocean water droplets trickle down their warm and radiant skin. A pool of yellow fish is swimming below their large lotus flower. “Dawn” comes alive with vibrantly multicolor medley of metallic tesserae with flecks and patterns and unified with charcoal grey grout. (Tesserae hues: copper--skin, hummingbird head & feet; bluegreen-violet-copper--hair; gold--sun, arm bracelet, skin glow/highlights, fish; violet--lotus flowers, hummingbird wings; blue--ocean, hummingbird belly; green--hummingbird side and tail feathers, leafy trimmings on lotus flower & edge of piece; & cranberry--horizon, water under large lotus flower & hummingbird beak) (*gender-free pronoun)