Words from the proud owner, Karianne Burns:

"The pieces arrived, and I am loving them. So happy I choose this work of yours. I was so moved when I opened the box, and it continues to inspire me into mystery every time I look at it. I will definitely purchase from you again."

[Deusx 3 (Goddex 3); 18” Round Stained Glass Mosaic with Brazilian Carnelian Banded Agate on solid 3/8" MDF, © Rossana Reis, 2016; an oval-womb-vulva-shaped grounding carnelian agate takes center focus with a semi-abstract personified black figure behind it with arms stretched and enlaced overhead; a red sphere with tan streamers float on each side of this figure in opposite directions (left upward and right downward); 3 white spheres also float around this piece, one partially hidden behind each tan streamer and one lone floater lower right; turquoise blue tesserae fill the remaining background; accented with bronze Van Gogh glass trimmings, red jasper, yellow orange glass gems and millefiori; unified with charcoal sanded grout; agates are known for balancing and harmonizing the mind, body and spirit.]