Words from the proud owner, Kelly Gunderson:

"I could not get this one off my mind. I'm so drawn to it and I love your work. It got to my home safely and it's on the wall in my bedroom now. I love it!!! It is one beautiful piece. You are an amazing artist and such a beautiful soul."


[Deusx 5 (Goddex 5): 18" Stained Glass Mosaic with Green Brazilian Banded Agate on Solid 3/8" MDF, © Rossana Reis, 2016. A garnet-cranberry-violet abstract sitting figure embraces an emerald green/green earth/womb shaped banded agate against a backdrop of lime-green/green flora and yellow sunrise (note: violet = bluish-purple). This balancing agate is framed with halved gold glass gems. A double snake-like bracelet sequence of gold leaves adorns their arm. A gold snake symbol with a slight swirl accents each tesserae outlining this majestic figure. A shiny gold and cranberry-violet hummingbird flutter about on each side. This entire hand crafted piece is framed with an alternating sequence of Van Gogh gold and cranberry-violet leaf shaped stained glass tesserae. Sporadically accented with millefiori. Unified with charcoal sanded grout; agates are known for balancing and harmonizing the mind, body and spirit.]