Words from the proud owner, Lissa Stapleton:

"I'm so excited to have this new art piece. It is beautiful!!....Thank so much! We are going to put it in our living room. It's a focal point when people come in."

[Deusx 6 (Goddex 6): 18" Stained Glass Mosaic with Teal Brazilian Banded Agate on Solid 3/8" MDF, © Rossana Reis, 2016; this agate takes center focus in the belly of an abstract mustard yellow dancing figure; variations of samba drums --tumbalas (purple) and caixas (teal, peacock)--and silver musical notes float around this piece; peacock blue tesserae outlines this figure and borders this piece and wavy rows of red tesserae fill the background; halved silver glass gems frame the agate and accent the samba drums; silver Van Gogh glass tesserae trimmings further accent these drums and the border of this piece; sporadically accented with millefiori; unified with nutmeg sanded grout; agates are known for balancing and harmonizing the mind, body and spirit.]