Words from the proud owner, Shannon Cisewski:

"The balance & harmony of this piece spoke to me--the large solid turquoise shapes and tiny details and the purple, yellow and red colors. Then I saw the two hummingbirds. Exquisite."

[Deusx 8 (Goddex 8): 16" Stained Glass Mosaic W/ Brazilian Piranha Agate on solid 3/8" MDF, © Rossana Reis, 2016; this oval/vulva shaped agate has blackish, taupe and thin reddish banding in the center; a red abstract figure embraces this agate blooming with large turquoise petals, small violet petals and small lemon yellow petals; two multicolored hummingbirds flutter about near all of its nectar; halved silver glass gems frame this abstract figure, agate and around this piece; almond/cream tessarae in background; accented with millefiori throughout and unified with nutmeg sanded grout; note: the body of the hummingbird near bottom right of the agate is a fuchsite gemstone and the body of the hummingbird near mid left of the agate is a unakite gemstone; the heads and wings of both hummingbirds are both, respectively, purplish and yellow; agates are known for balancing and harmonizing the mind, body and spirit.]