Words from the proud owner, Adrienne Brown-Gravish:

It reminds me of the sea. I literally tweeted I miss the ocean and then your mosaic arrived. At night the mosaic darkens and during the daytime, certain stones look like they are glowing! So vibrant!"

[Energia Ágata 2 (Agate Energy 2)--18” x 18” Stained Glass Mosaic With Teal Brazilian Banded Agate & Other Crystal Accents on solid 3/8" MDF, © Rossana Reis, 2015: a teal dyed Brazilian banded agate appears to be shooting a curve towards lower right with copper, teal, purple heat energy tailing behind from upper right (noted by teardrop-shaped tessarae); bands of copper, teal, purple & aqua tesserae emanate from this active agate; on the upper and lower left corners, a few bands of copper, purple & aqua tesserae emanate from other unknown objects not manifested in this piece; assorted river rock pebbles and glass gems (teal, purple & amber) line each band of color throughout this piece; sporadically accented with millefiori and a few bronzites--stones known for focused actions; Brazilian agates are generally known for balancing the mind, body & spirit as well as stabilizing the aura. Unified w/ nutmeg sanded grout.]