[Energia Ágata 3 (Agate Energy 3) 18” x 18” Stained Glass Mosaic With Brazilian Orange/Brown Banded Agate & Other Crystal Accents on solid 3/8" MDF, © Rossana Reis, 2015: a large orange/brown banded agate takes a diagonal center focus, framed by halved amber glass gems and persimmon trapezoid tesserae and river rocks stretching from bottom left corner tapering towards upper right corner; on the lower right are two floating palm sized amber glass gems framed by persimmon tesserae with streaky peach, brown & cream tesserae coning in opposite directions towards the bottom and lower right side; rows of textured nutmeg trapezoid tesserae, medium blue and turquoise trapezoid and triangular tesserae and peach/brown/cream streaky chunky trapezoid tesserae diagonally canvas from left to right and around the orange/brown banded agate. Small medium blue glass gems and river rocks line between these bands in the upper left; sporadically accented with with millefiori and grounding, protection and love-life-truth-giving stones--carnelian agate, red tiger eyes, flame jasper and lapis lazuli. Brazilian agates are generally known for balancing the mind, body & spirit as well as stabilizing the aura. Unified w/ nutmeg sanded grout.]