[*GIFTED* Energia Ágata 6 (Agate Energy 6) 18” x 18” Stained Glass Mosaic With Green Brazilian Banded Agate & Other Crystal Accents on solid 3/8" MDF, © Rossana Reis, 2015; this piece hangs in a diamond direction with a large green banded agate taking center focus; this green banded agate has a medium amber colored center with dark specks, is framed by purple glass gems and star petals of diamond & triangle shaped tesserae in the following colors, design & textures: dark amber & purple French cobblestone, Van Gogh copper and light green w/ flecks of copper, mottled light green and burgundy/raspberry, streaky purple and Kelly green, and slightly textured medium amber/burnt orange; background is streaky purple in various shaped tesserae; sporadically accented with grounding and balancing stones--tiger eyes—and millefiori. Brazilian agates are generally known for balancing the mind, body & spirit as well as stabilizing the aura. Unified w/ charcoal sanded grout.]